New trading system-Under the Holy Grail

Hello everyone, I will describe this new system right now. This system different from other systems (the difference is quite slighty) so perhaps that the reason why is it so profitable.

What is great about this system?

  1. All the time frames are acceptable.
  2. All the currency pairs are acceptable.
  3. Wonderful profits are guaranteened
  4. When you start trading this system, further learning Forex is not necessary anymore.
  5. You don’t need to analize your trades and make traders journal.
  6. You won’t need to worry was your action right or not anymore.

And there are many more goods points about it, but I posted a few that just came to my head.

What you will need to trade this system:

• A laptop.
• A good friend of yours, that doesn’t know what is forex yet.
• And money to open live account (this system doesn’t need demo trading).

How does it work:

Firstly, you take your laptop and go to your friends house. As soon as he open the door, you make your eyes widely open, get into to his room and start yelling “OH MAN, YOU WON’T BELIEVE ME WHAT I HAVE FOUND, WE GONNA BE RICH!”.

What do you have to do after, is to tell your friend the basics of forex and download a trading platform for him (Doesn’t matter wich one).

Then, you will have to lie, but only a little bit (you can buy him something for that later). You will have to say that you sent a thousand dollar to his account (the one wich is demo) and ask him to start trading, because it’s so simple to get more and more money with forex.

As soon as he start trading, just sit behind him and silently open your laptop. That could look like this.

How does the trading looks:

All you have to do is the same as your friend does, just opposite. When he goes long, you go short, when he goes short, you go long.

Exit at the same time when he does.

After some time he might look like this:

But don’t worry, if he try to get is hair off, because as you know, forex needs to sacrifice. :smiley:

What about the risk reward ratio, you may ask.

Well, it kinda looks like this:

Begginers luck/huge profits

The only thing that can cause you bad trades is begginers luck. But as you may already know, it is very temporary, what is hard to say when we talk about the looses. :slight_smile:

So that is my million worth system, hope you liked it.

Thank you, Albinas

This is a nasty little bit of rubbish!! :mad:

[B]Albinas[/B], I have reported you to the Administration for putting trash onto this forum!! :mad: :mad:

If you are going to post here, lift your game smartly - otherwise get off this forum and watch porno movies or something. :frowning:

You are only a newbie with a mere 7 posts.

[B]We Honorary FX Members have got better things to do than constantly lookout for idiots on this forum who refuse to get their act together!![/B]

[B]If you think this forum is a place where you can post rubbish for your own pleasure, think again!!
In that case, I hope you are banned!![/B]


Gee, now I can’t decide which system to use… this one, or Tymen’s…:confused:

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I thought I was on your ignore list!!
Now I am the one who is confused!! :smiley: :smiley:

My thread that you posted was a deliberate hoax under a licence of 2000 posts on this forum - everyone knew I was about to post something different.

Further, my post was designed to teach something, which it successfully did.

Albinas is a newbie, and he still needs to generate a long standing membership and trust of the forum before he can post a gig.
Otherwise he is gunning for the reputation of a troll.

Further, his post is trash, it accomplishes absolutely nothing.

This is one of the rare times I have to disagree with Tymen… I thought it was funny. :slight_smile:

Hello again,

I am a little bit confused after such Tymens reaction.

Maybe you misunderstood me, but I wasn’t serious here. It’s more like a joke system, and the purpose was just to get a few smiles, because it’s a place where people keep learning serious stuff most of the time, so a little bit of vitamin C shouldn’t do anything bad, atleast I thouth so.

It may seem funny Phil, but don’t you think a newbie should get some respect on this forum first?

He should start out with humility and show courtesy to others on the forum.

If he is going to start out being a comic clown, then [U]what of his future posts[/U]?

I truely think he needs to start out showing respect for the forum first, then having gained it over a period of time, he is then ready to post a gig.

I submit that he should get established as a good trader first.

It’s sounds a little bit strange to me, when you huge person and predict his future like that, when you don’t have much information about him, but I think you know what are you talking about, so I will take your critics.

I also would like to say I am very sorry to know that I insulted you, Tymen, but I really wasn’t going to make more posts of that kind. I am here to learn, as all of us, but atleast in my experiance it’s good to look on a seriuos things with humor sometimes. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Albinas

Funny and interesting. It would probably work too. :slight_smile:

It’s just a joke, and I think it’s a good way to end the trading week. That and with positive balance. :smiley:

lol loved it, had a good laugh … :slight_smile:

Spoken like a true good sport :slight_smile:

I enjoyed it ! :stuck_out_tongue: Humor is good and laughing is healthy.

Looks like someone has had a SOH bypass.