New user question

Hi, I’m a new beginner and really interested in this trade thing. I’d be willing to do anything to get things going. It was suggested to me that here on the website you can get a lot of help regarding this issue. I would really appreciate it if you could help me get started

Open a demo account with a broker and google up a simple objective strategy. Try it out for a few weeks.

This will cause you to have more questions than answers but that’s part of the learning process. Post here whatever confuses you.

Don’t start trading with real money until you’re consistently winning in demo trades.

Could you give me a really working video or a demo where I can do trade practising

Most forex brokers offer a demo account at no charge. You should also not be asked to deposit money with them in order to open a demo account.

Google brokers which operate in your region. I would prefer one with the tightest regulator where they are based, such as the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia or the EU. Brokers based on small islands in the Pacific or Caribbean often offer high leverage but some of them have bad reputations for honesty.

Could you please provide instructions for this demo account

Any good broker should offer you a demo account free of charge.

To trade successfully you would need to follow a strategy. Hundreds of strategies exist on the internet, many are on this forum. I suggest the first strategy you use should be simple and objective, using simple price charts and one or very few indicators, with as few decisions for you to make as possible.

Always set a stop-loss to limit your losses per trade.

most of the traders trade at random when trading in a demo , just one request please don’t do that mistake , set a mind that you are doing a real trading . i hope it will work

Hi, you can start your learning process through BabyPips School; on the other hand, try to use the demo account for a long period of time!

school is really important for the beginners level but i think this school should finished minimum for 2 -3 times , otherwise it will not works.

This website alone contains a wealth of information. However, you can also learn forex trading from youtube. There are numerous good channels available there. For instance: Adam Khoo and Rayner Teo.

highly recommend choosing a regulated broker to open your account with even if it demo account. It’s good to get into the habit of checking broker condition and license so you arent falling for scam broker.

Hello! Welcome to Babypips. Whoever suggested this website to you, you should thank him. This forum is a great place to learn about trading. Explore the education section and start with your learning. Be consistent. Good luck!

This website is great and will help you tremendously. I also recommend a demo account, but if you’re brand new to trading, it’s best to start learning on this site first or otherwise you’re going to feel lost. Spend some time on the basics and work your way up to the harder stuff. Good luck!

Which country are you from? :slight_smile:

You can keep reading posts on babypips to stay aware of the market. To learn trading at the root level, make sure you trade with a demo account first and then move ahead.

seems really interesting solution, thanks.

Baby pips offer the best learning content. You can use all of them to expand your knowledge and expertise. Remember that learning about the market and trading is essential for a successful trading career.

What’s your current status of trading? Are you using demo? Or till now away from it?