Newb question - Buyer/Seller indicator

Hi all,
been doing demo trading for the past couple months with mt4 and oanda

does anyone know if we can add a graph/indicator that show how many buyers and sellers are currently in the market?

I don’t know if we actually have the indicator in mt4
there are a lot of indicators but I don’t understand most of it
and i’ve been searching with no luck also

can anyone help?


It sounds like you’re looking for some kind of Level II or order book info. You won’t get it unless you go through futures. Spot is not centralized, so that data isn’t available in any kind of unified format and few brokers (if any at all) will share what’s in their system.

while it wont show you the number (since volume numbers are difficult, at the least, to come by in forex) it will give you a grandiose overview of what I think you desire and its one of only a few that you really need !

and while i was going to upload it into your very hands, you shall find it in your regular indicator files in MT4

AND THE ENVELOPE PLEASE . . . . . . . . .


and its all yours for the grabbing — for a bit more info, if you care, you might come visit the boys and girls over on my thread — we use it, plus a few other really neato toys and seem to get loads of pips in spite of ourselves !

enjoy and trade well


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Dear MP,

would like to know if i can add a graph or indicator that show how many buyers and seller, still new, still practising can you direct me to the right place for direction- something that was mentioned about order book information

mp won’t be answering you for a couple of reasons.

The biggest being he passed on this year in July.

The other is, even if he was still with us, he got banned from this particular site.

And the post by Rhodytrader explains why what you are looking for isn’t available for retail spot traders.
Futures traders do have a depth of market panel, but it’s not as deep as the commercials get.


Hi Master Tang,

Thanks for the info and enlightenment.

Master tang, is there a website where i can find ‘‘ACCUMULATION/DISTRIBUTION indicator’’.


My MT4 actually came with one standard, it was in the custom section.

Out of curiosity I just loaded the accumulation/distribution indicator on a chart… it appears to be about as useful as most indicators.

Oanda has some interesting stuff though.
Historical Open Orders | OANDA fxTrade