Newbe trader from South Africa

I am Hané.

41 year old Newbe from South Africa, who wants to start trading and make profit not break even

I am not completely new to trading, have been teaching myself for the last couple of weeks but only trade XAU/USD, starting with BTC. I have lost and I have made a substantial amount to. But I must confess that till this day I dont know what is all the indicators for or even what red and blue is and where exactly I put a TP or SL in…I don’t use robots, I just manually trade on Meta 5 and Exness has been my saving grace.
I have so many questions but don’t want to sound stupid asking.
Today only been using my demo acc and so far I made about $4000 profit

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If you want, try using the search engine for this site. Most of your questions have already been answered!

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Welcome to the community, Hané. Where are you learning from? Have you checked out the education section here? This is a forum for beginners so I’m pretty sure it’s ok to ask whatever your question is. Just ask away and surely someone here will help you out. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Hello and welcome! Lots of friendly people here so don’t be afraid to ask if you need any help. Good luck and see you around!

Nice! Congrats!

Do not hesitate to ask - we’re all here to learn and grow together!