Newbie Alert! ->Jude

Hi guys, I am very new to the whole trading concept. I am really excited to embark on this journey and hopefully along the way with the help of this awesome community and all the learning material available on baby pips, I shall reach my goal. Guys I would really like if someone could point me to the right direction for now and any suggestions or guidance will be totally appreciated… thanks guys in advance. Cheers my fellow traders.

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Welcome to the community, Jude. Start with the education section here if you haven’t done that yet. Good luck.

Thanks Zain… i will head over there.

Learn all you can mate and start with applying the basics onto a chart. If you make a decision then make it for a reason

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Welcome! Enjoy learning in the School of Pipsology and don’t forget to take the quizzes after each lessons! It’s also great to open a demo account and practice what you’ve learned. Good luck!

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No problem. Just ask away if some things aren’t clear to you.