Newbie and interested in forex trade

hi im a newbie here and im interested to learn in forex trade

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Never invest money without demo practice. After all, it is a risky market.

Hello and welcome!

Best thing to do as a newbie is to follow the course here at babypis. School of Pipsology (Learn Forex Trading at School of Pipsology - The time you “invest” for this will never be a waste. you can learn everything from the very beginning. While doing that start trading from a Demo account.

And ONLY when you’re fully confident that you’re ready to trade with real money! Invest real money. Never before that.

Good Luck!!!

Wish you Success!!

Hello and welcome to the forex world.

First of all you have to make a good trading strategy.

Forex is a great way to make extra income. You are your own worst enemy. The mindset and control are the most important things.