Newbie! Currently working and curious on how trading works as most of my friends have been trading. *I've got background at all with trading

Hello everyone! I’ve been curious on how trading works. Am here to study and make money for myself. Thanks to my friends for introducing me to babypips.

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Get a demo account from any broker of your choice then learn here

Then here

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Thanks TotoCayetano!

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Learn to trade FX properly and proficiently first of all before you risk any money. That could take months of hard work. FX is speculative, and most newbies lose their capital because they overtrade, revenge trade, or just gamble it away. Emotional control and risk-money management are key to being successful.

Helloooo and welcome. :blush: Have you checked out the school here? :smiley: If you get confused about anything, we’ll do our best and try to help. :blush: Good luuuck!