Newbie for 2016

Good afternoon everybody (those on GMT anyway). I’m Jimmy, from North Wales are of UK. I’ve been interested in stock trading, forex etc. for a while so my (one of my) new year’s resolutions for 2016 is to give it a go. Currently at Babypip’s school and enjoying it, although I’m only just completing kindergarten, there is a lot to learn and huge amounts of information to absorb, but nonetheless very interesting so far.

I also have a full time day job, so this is something that I will take the time to learn and practice at, and I will need the help of the forums on here I’m sure.

Looking forward to connecting with you all and contributing where I can.

Thanks and good luck,

Hi Jimmy,

Welcome to the forum. Babypips is the best place to learn trading, go through the school and try to learn it and practice with a demo account at the beginning, and during the process if you are not sure about something just ask questions, some one with experience will give you an answer. Every member is very helpful here.

Hi Jimmy!

Welcome to the club!

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