Newbie Forex trader at babypips

Hlo everyone, my name is deniz from kampala uganda africa. Am glad to be here, i was introduced to babypips by a very experienced trader in my country… I started pipsology lessons about 2 months back and aam happy with how i am progressing. i wish to learn more with this comunity of knowledge. thnks

Hello and welcome deniz! Good for you that you’re happy with your progress. Looking forward to hearing more about your trading journey! Good luck!

Hi and welcome. How far have you got through the course?

thanks baemax, your reply means a lot to me. Such an encouragement

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Iam currently at the start of elementary, and practicing the support resistance on my meta 5

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Coz am looking forward to being a price action trader

Welcome to the community, Deniz. We’re glad to have you here too. It’s good that you’re still into fx after 2 months. Usually people give up after a week or two. Just ask away if some things aren’t clear to you. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Thnks, my pleasure

Backtest and practice lots. Experience can only be gained this way and seeing if something works by testing it over and over. This creates confidence in it and allows you to observe nuances in the way price moves for certain pairs that can’t be taught so easily.

thnx, and can you give me more insight on how i can be a successful forex price action trader

Hey, welcome to the community! It’s good to progress with your learning. Just make sure that you don’t set any unrealistic expectations that may pose trouble when you are in the live market.

Understand how price moves by researching and then spending time in the markets tracking price. Backtest, forward test and look for recurring patterns or signals that you can start to build a strategy around.

I trade candlesticks with support/resistance on demo. This is useful advice and let me incorporate it

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