Newbie from ... Australasia :)

Hi all, I’m very new to trading. I’m currently starting on some forex analysis but now, having read here and there, I thought I may just want to do some of my own trading once I have enough knowledge, rather than just doing the quant work.

I’m a techie type, PhD in bioinformatics but the only trading insight I have is from friends who are in the game.

I live in Sydney but I’m Kiwi.

Hope to get to know some of you!

Cheers :blush::beers:


Welcome LJR.

I had to Wiki bioinformatics. I’m still not sure…

I hope all goes well for you. Just a word of caution - new traders with technical aptitude and training can sometimes over-rely on factors that appear to be constants, factors which either are black or are white, patterns which either mean this or they don’t. Just beware, there are no constants in trading, only probabilities.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Thanks, tommor! Haha. Bioinformatics is basically data science with DNA sequence and other bio data.

I hear your caution. I don’t plan on trading anything until I feel well-educated, which will take a while, and even then I’ll get someone experienced to ‘supervise’ :wink:

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Thanks, @dianajs

It seems there could be some crossover potential for analyzing market data. :face_with_monocle:


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Thank you , I’m certainly hoping so!

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Woooow! :smiley: That sounds so cool. :slight_smile: Haha. Maybe you could use your techie self to create EAs etc in the future. :smiley: Oh. Have you tried visiting the school here? I think it’s pretty helpful.

I wish you all the best! And welcome to this amazing community!!! :blush:

Thanks @ria_rose :blush:
I hope to be up and EA writing someday soon. So much to do…
I had a little nosy and see you’re doing some demo trading? I’d love to hear about your experiences so far! Do you have a thread somewhere?

Welcome welcome, give the School a read through if you haven’t already. It will get you started nicely.

You mentioned quant work. Care to share any details? Is that particular to your phd work?

Good luck!

Thank you @forexforexforex ! Yes I will definitely go through the school stuff.

My PhD was quant-like, as in stats and programming etc, but with epigenetic data, which is extremely noisy and high-dimensional.

My current (first ever) forex project is just exploratory analysis, so quite a way off translating anything to a trading strategy, but hopefully down the line :blush:

How about you? Are you a seasoned trader?
I tried to find a salt and pepper emoji but no luck :wink:

I’m always learning, like the majority of the community. I’ve mainly followed the crypto markets for the last couple of years, but have been a fan of forex for many years. There’s much overlap in how you can approach the each market from an analysis standpoint.

Good luck with your project. There are plenty of super smart and experienced traders here, so if you need to pick brains, don’t be afraid to ask the community for input!

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Welcome to babypips @5mec! You can go through the school and then open a demo account while studying. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community @5mec! Good luck with your trading journey and don’t forget to visit the School of Pipsology. :slight_smile:

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For a new trader starting out, the pro’s seem to suggest that you concentrate on the higher time frames which tends to be more reliable with less "noise"
And remember that there are two types of Meter Trader MT4 & MT5
Demo until you find consistency.
Good luck

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@pipdit thanks for the tips! Appreciated

welcome on board @5mec

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Welcome to the community. Message me for more information

More information on what? :blush:

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Thanks @CoinLady !