Newbie from Cape Town

Hi, I’m a newbie from Cape Town who just graduated from Preschool after a few intense weeks studying at the School of Pipsology. Yes! A few weeks as I’m not the brightest spark in the in the box. And knew absolutely nothing bout Forex. But I love this site. Kindergarten …here I come…

Hi Zeemo,

I’m from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, but moving back home to JHB next year.

Did you take the Knowledge to Action course ?

hi XeroFTrading. Thanks for the welcome! Nope, haven’t taken the course as yet!! still very much trying to find my feet in these unfamiliar waters. do you think we’ll be able to become successful traders in SA? With our very weak ZAR i suspect it’s gonna to be difficult playing with the USD and GBP?

Hi zeemo,
I think so. If you have a dollar or pound account with a broker, then there will be a nice payout.
But as i’ve learnt you have to do your homework, and always follow your rules. It takes practice, but we will get there i’m sure.

Hello Zeemo and XeroFTrading,
I am in Cape Town too and trying to find my feet. How is the trading going so far?
I was thinking we could create a meet up to discuss our strategies. Please let me know if you are interested.

I would like us to share our knowledge.