Newbie from Florida

My name is Sid let me say I am new to the Forex scene and highly interested to learn and grow in knowledge and expertise in the Forex market. We (as I) all need to start somewhere with any new endeavor and acquiring a new skill late in life can more difficult but my patience will have to take over and keep me grounded. So now you know I am a new kid (old Man) on the block eager and excited to learn as much as possible to enhance my skills in investing in Forex. No prior experience with other stock market investing other than purchasing mutual funds through a company I worked for and that ended up being a bust.

Currently I live in Southwest Florida for the past 23 years and originally from Vermont.

Hello Sid, welcome to our forex trading community! Traders of all ages and levels of experience are welcome right here. Have you started with our School of Pipsology? Never too old to go to school, right? School of Pipsology | Learn Forex Trading