Newbie from Malaysia

Hi, I’m Suriati from Malaysia. I am 55 years old. I have zero knowledge of trading. I want to trade as i want some extra money to bring my family for vacation. Please teach me how to make money in trading here

Hai apa khabar?

My name’s John and I have lots of family in Malaysia - I’ve been trying to get to Penang since April but borders closed - I’m in Thailand

Anyway if your new to trading take your time to read up on things - including baby pips school.

Also you can check out my blog (link in my profile).

On it there is some stuff for beginners you might find of use.

Any questions just feel free to ask.


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Hai John. I really dont know how to trade, how to start, when i can start trading. Hope u can assist me .


Well the first step is to go though the course here on Babypips.

Become familiar with the terminology, and the various aspects of the market

Don’t get set on any one idea quite yet. Just soak up as much as you can

You can also start reading a few books on trading
I have a few as PDF files so if you give me your email I can send you some.

The most important right now is just to soak up some info.

Later you can open a demo account and try a few things out - but don’t be in a rush to make money
Slow and steady wins the race.

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