Newbie from Philippines

HI Everyone,

I am Anthony from the Philippines. I am very new here and would like to try to learn more. Babypips- provided so many information to learn FX and I am overwhelmed with so much information on site. Taking Baby Steps now 1 at a Time. :slight_smile:

Looking forward for future mentors here that could guide me through the winning streak. :slight_smile:

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Anthony, nice to meet you. Baby steps is a good way to approach forex. Wish you great success in your adventures. :slight_smile:

Hi Welcome sa BabyPips :slight_smile:
Where you at in the Philippines?

Hi everyone. Super noob here, Mia, from las pinas. My first time to post anything in any forum whatsoever. Since I’ve had no luck in my search for answers, I might as well ask and hope people will answer.

'Been demo trading for about 4 months now and am planning to go live ASAP. Fxcm is taking so long (more than 2 weeks since I submitted my documents) in processing my application though so I’m thinking of going live with Klimex Capital Markets since they have an office in makati and they process faster, so they said. But it’s a very new company so I’m kinda having second thoughts with them.
I’m hoping someone here at babypips has them as their broker, could you please share your experience, whether it’s good or bad. Or could anyone please recommend a trustworthy broker who processes applications fast.
Thank you in advance.

Hi, good to have you!

I dont know much about more good broker, you can search in the forum here a lot talking about good broker for sure you will find your question.Before you go live more search on the broker you want to invest money.