Newbie from Philippines

im from Philippines 28 yrs, i really want to learn forex trading. came from crypto trading because of axie infinity but loss lots of money lol thats why i am here to learn more about trading i hope to learn more knowledge here.

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The key is to try and understand why you lost money. I suggest it was your emotional responses to live trades that cost you. Gambling, overtrading, and revenge trading, with no attention to risk exposure or preserving your account at all costs.

In other words, the learning solution to trading successfully lies within you. IMO, as for crypto trading, I would suggest you leave well alone and focus on Indices instead, before trying FX currency pairs…

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youre right, its been a months already I haven’t tried crypto trading again because of that. thank you for the comments and guidance :relaxed: i will be better soon :smiley:

Hello and welcome @miranjo73! Have you been through the School of Pipsology yet? It’s the best place to start for newbies. Good luck on your trading journey!

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hi, I’ve been reading some information and details since i joined here. thank you :relaxed: i keep studying to get back on trading again soon :smiley: cant afford to loss again lol

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I wish you success with your forex venture. Babypips can teach us a lot. It also has a lot of useful information about forex.

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hi thanks, thats why i joined here to learn and study more :heart: way more to go hehe

Hi, welcome to the BP! I’m sure you will learn a lot on this forum. Just focus on understanding where you may be going wrong and try to upgrade your skill. Good luck for your future here.

Hello and welcome! I hope you manage to learn everything you need to know here and hope to see you around :grin:

Sigh, welcome to the club. I think you’ll find forex trading to be a lot more stable compared to crypto! Welcome and I hope you’ve started the school here!