Newbie greetings

Just joined, completely new to any type of trading…

Hoping to be patient enough to get somewhere…

School of Pipsology (preschool) says to play for a month with demo first so thats what im doing

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Welcome and happy hunt i’d say x))

Hello fredbasset! Good luck with the School of Pipsology! Hope you’re having a great time learning. :slight_smile:

So much to learn :wink: at least ive made it to elementary school lol

Hello and welcome fredbasset. Don’t be in a rush. Take your time in learning to trade on a demo account. This may be a boring albeit crucial part of learning. I wish you all the best.

Welcome to the community, @fredbasset. Good luck on your trading journey.

Soon, you’ll be a graduate of School of Pipsology! :wink:

I wish you a winning streak in trading :slight_smile: