Newbie here.....Make me feel at home

Hey y’all!
I’m Benjie, from Ghana.
I am here to learn everything I need to know about forex trading and get my hands around it.
Though I have a background in Finance, I am entirely new to FX and would love to learn and be coached.
Make me feel at home guys!!! :wink: :wink:

What you need to learn is how you react to emotional challenges, as you have no control over what the FX market will throw at you.

Best of luck.

Hi Benjie, Welcome to the community, this is a great place to learn I am sure you will get some good advice and friendly people who will help you along your Trading journey.

Good luck and feel free to reach our if there is anything you may need help with

Many Thanks


Thanks. Will love to connect with new friends and share best practices.

Hi Benjie

You’ve been here on babypips for almost a year now. I was wondering how you’ve been getting on with you Forex journey?

I also joined your forum. Good luck to everyone in trading.

Hi Benjie! We would love to hear about your trading progress. Hope all is well!

Welcome Deluca! Are you new to forex or trading already?