Newbie here, Thamar from Bonaire

Hi everybody!

I’m 31 and live in the Caribbean.

I’ve finished the whole course from Babypips, spend a lot of time on Youtube and I’ve read some books. After successfully trading (automated) in crypto I want to trade forex to gain a fixed income. My horizon is at least 10-15 years to gain a substantial income.

I’m going to start at daily charts/ 4H, and moving slowly toward 1H and 15M. I’m studying currently 2-3 hours a day for the graphs. I’m depositing 1000,- USD as my initial setup and depositing every month 250,- USD. So no hurry and not looking for a quick get rich scheme, but just to switch from a regular job to this as a daytrayder.

I’m working with a watchlist that i compose every sunday, in order to look at the graphs more efficiently during the week.

Looking forward to get some feedback and watch and discuss the topics with you.



Hi there Thamar_ozir

Great you have made the decision to trade, and are learning the basics.

I’ll offer some unsolicited advice.

You say are not in a rush to make money, that’s fantastic. Being in a rush is one of the biggest problems beginners face.

If you are going to start trading real money immediately, the find one system, one timeframe, one market and one market direction (long or short) to begin with.

But starting on a virtual account, would be the better option, when you can of course experiment with a few ideas.

Your diligence and patience will pay off in the end.


best place for newbie , hope you will learning here with pleasure. good luck


Hi @Johnscott31 !

Thanks for the welcome!

Nice words indeed. Have been studying now for 4 months, and still on my demo account watching the chart art from here trying to figure out the entry points. Once I feel a bit confident I will start trading live :smiley:


Hi, I think the best way to invest alone is to find a good platform and reliable analysts

Hi @mull

True! I’m on combined with MT4. Helps a lot when you know the platform

How is your investment going

yes , agree with you.

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It’s not very convenient for me to make foreign exchange investment in China.Luckily, I have a great agent

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Going live this week, but after 3 months of demo trading confident enough :smiley: