Newbie here to Community and Trading

Hi guys, Im new to the babypips community and am really looking forward to connecting with like minded people and learning from the professionals. Im from the uk :slight_smile:


Welcome - good luck with your trading

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Hi @beginnertrader2019! Welcome to babypips! Are you trading already or still going through the school? Hope to hear more from you. :slight_smile:

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Hello! Welcome to the community. There’s a lot of friendly folks here that can help you. Good luck with your new journey into forex trading!

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I am still going through the school at the moment :slight_smile: this is all still very new to me lol

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thank you ScottyCarsonMVP. Im really looking forward to learning more from you guys :slight_smile:

welcome beginner trader. on which part of the school are you right now. good luck.

Welcome, best of luck with your trading.

Welcome, UK here too. Have fun learning

Hello @beginnertrader2019! :blush: Welcome to BP! Woooh. How are you liking the community so far? :smiley: Haha. Excuse my over-the-top energy. It might just be the caffeine kicking in. :sweat_smile: But, welcome!! :smiley: Hope you enjoy your stay here with us. :blush:

What section are you in right now? I see. Don’t worry, the school has made it very simple for us to understand the concepts. :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you.

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Welcome! How long have you been trading? I’m from the UK too!

hi guys thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile: