Newbie here to learn

Hello everybody. I feel great to be here & I’m ready to learn trading from scratch. I’m from New York and I want financial freedom. :trophy: :currency_exchange: :heavy_dollar_sign: :bar_chart:.

So what is your plan?

Learn as much a can. Practice on demo acct. Trade & profit…wash,rinse, repeat.

I think you’ve missed out - Trade & LOSE (some trades) as does every trader on the planet. You plan should include that profits are greater than losses.

So what is your plan?

Start with the school section then demo account

Welcome to the community and you can find material to learn forex here: Learn How to Trade the Markets

Start with a demo account. It will help you to make a good knowledge about trading.

Save yourself some time. We all start to try and learn and earn but few actually do. Scrap the idea of money for a long while if starting out. Focus on how to trade and develop a plan and understanding of what you are trying to do. Money is something that hopefully follows when the rest is in place.

Develop a plan and try to trade according to the plan.

Hello and welcome! I’m from the United States as well (Alabama to be exact, so pretty boring). Just came by to wish you luck!

You need to work very hard. It is not easy. Practice in the demo until you are consistently making money.

Hello, welcome to the forum. Forex trading is one of the most profitable ways to make money if you know how to do it right. The first thing I would recommend is learning the basics of trading - concepts, indicators, charts, etc. If you know how the market works, you have a much better chance of being successful. All the best

Work more on yourself than on learning every little detail of the market. Create a simple strategy that you are happy and comfortable with.

Welcome to the community, @rierierios. We’re glad to have you here too. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Welcome to the community man, wishing you the best!

It’s always happy o see new traders in this activity, because there is a very little amount of people who can take such risks on them. The vast majority of people are afraid of taking risks and that’s why they still don’t have any kind of financial freedom, even the smaller one. They still go to the work they don’t like and get low salary. I believe that the forex or crypto market will open plenty of opportunities for people who have decided to join trading community. It’s pretty difficult to start, of course, but every trader who is here, once has started from something. If you will blelieve in success then you will gain it.