Newbie here

Bcolem26 here! I am a recent college drop-out in the US. I do not have any experience trading or a great understanding of the fundamentals of any market. That is why I am here! To get a decent understanding of the basics of this specific market and to figure out how I can get started. I also just love learning in general and would like to better understand how international trading works. I was also drawn in by how organized this website is and how this community collectively works from a shared passion. I am excited to see what comes from this.

Hie, Bcolem26 !!! welcome to babypips. If you dont have any knowledge than you can start with babypips school section to learn from basic about trading and its concept. There are step by step tutorials to start learning forex also.

You would be surprised at how much free info there is on the web. Good luck in your trading.

Welcome to the forum!