Newbie in this space

Hello guys,
Im Jeph and I’m new here. I got into crypto about 5 months ago and I learned that a lot of forex knowledge can be transferable into the crypto space. I’m here to learn and also connect with like minded individuals.

Hello Jeph! Welcome to the forum and I wish you good luck in crypto trading :wink:

Every new trader should make a good trading plan to make money from this market

Hello Jeph! Welcome to the forum and I wish you will get knowledge which you want!!!1

Welcome to the community. Jeph. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Make a good trading plan to survive in this risky market.

Nice spirit. Keep going.

Welcome Jeph! How’s your crypto trading going? Hope all is well and good luck on your forex journey!

Thanks everyone for welcoming me. I really appreciate it.

I too agree with you. The base trading knowledge will remain the same across every platform. Wish you luck to learn a lot in forex.