Newbie indicator and time frame recommendations

1.) What indicators do you recommend for a person that just started doing this? What are your top two or three?

2.) time frames: I understand we have the weekly, the daily, H4, H1, and so forth. Which time frame should I be placing a trade on if I wanna make money the same day? I understand there are m30, m15, m5, and m1 as well.

I know you’re busy if you’re reading this but a quick response would be helpful if you can.


Try and focus on learning how to trade properly first, and secondly, how not to lose money. FX trading is high risk and highly speculative, that’s why most newbies blow their accounts on trading every day.

All of these questions can be answered in one. You need to find a mentor/strategy and then they will give you the specific things you need and also the timeframe. You need to know the basis first and then go to this.

I cant emphasise enough that you need to do research on the place you learn. Talk to people in the course/group look for verified results. You do not want to rush into this.

Whats the best way to look for a mentor