Newbie. introducing myself to this community

hello everyone i am a newbie and very excited to learn about this trade. I am open to some help and guidelines for that would help me out.

Hello @ADFlores. Welcome to the BabyPips community. Start with the education section here. It’s the best place to start for beginners.

Forex trading might seem to be a lucrative option for beginners. But when they actually start to trade, they realize that it is not what they thought it to be. It requires a lot of understanding and hard work for a trader to make money in the forex market. If you don’t know what you are doing, you better don’t do it.

Hello and welcome to this wonderful platform! I like to see new traders taking interest in the forex market. But the journey won’t be easy if you don’t spend enough time learning and clearing your doubts. You can learn through a source that you are most comfortable with and move ahead.