Newbie Introduction

Hi everybody,

I am a newbie to this forum and also new to forex trading. I am learning a lot from you guys/gals. Appreciate it very much. I did not know that I was being watched ;). However, I am “listening” and it will take a while before I can contribute or say anything. I like this place. Thank you.

A FX Baby

Am new too but I guess everyone is one way or the other supportive because they all know that the beginning is to be a Newbie. Nice to meet you

good luck to you… :slight_smile:

Hi AFXBaby

Welcome to Babypips - excellent source of learning for us newbies to forex - I’m sure you will learn a great deal here :slight_smile:

By the way, what you mean you’re ‘being watched’?

Happy Friday :slight_smile:


My advice: forget about the perfect system, that does not exist. Stay away from those claiming 80% or higher winning rate, the minimum is 20% and if youachieve more than 40% believe me what I say, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG?


Yes, please clarify what do you mean by “being watched”? It wasn’t me that’s for sure… lol…

Have a great weekend everyone.

That was a four year old post… I’m sure whoever was watching him has completed the mission by now

Your right Shaun… this is old…

Oh well, I was curious to know…I guess it will stay as a “mystery”…

Nice to meet you all.

Hi FX Baby. I’ve just posted my 1st thread, so thought I would see what/who else is a newbie as well… May I enquire, how long have you been in the game? I’ve been trading - actively - for about 2 years now… Anyway, hi, and good luck to ya.


Hi I just joined. A first timer

hello rtress99 baby steps

Good luck both of you, though luck is not the main mover of this Business as People think.

You also should check out the school here it is really AWESOME !!

Greetings to all!

I am brand new to the Forex world and i have just completed the School of Pipsology. I am excited to open my demo account and starting trading and learning with you everyone. Hoping for that magical day when I can quit my day job and trade full time. Best of luck to all my other newbies.

Hi all, welcome new ones, forex can be a hard place and its important to learn fast.

I learnt the hard way losing money fast without a proper tested strategy.

Now I earn between 700-1000pips a month with my simple strategies. You must test fully any strategy as many look OK on the surface but do not yield consistent profits or are hard to interpret in real time trading.
E.g. as most indictators are lagging they look great in hindsight, but during the live trade they do not work as well or show late.

Its best to learn from real traders who’s strategies work.
Trade along with their trades and learn what works.

How do we get the profit with 40% wining rate?

By those little few winners overcome the losers.

I’m a newbie as well and I’m basically interested in becoming a binary trader expert. I hope that all my questions wil be answered and I will get the best out this forum soon

Hi everyone!
I have joined the ForexMarket for a year now but I still consider myself a newbie. There are so many strategies that one can use to get the upper hand, but many of them are unknown or hard to come by. If any of our friends would like to share their strategies that they have come by across through their years of experience I would greatly appreciate the help.
On another note, for our friends who are new like me, I suggest you build your way through the market by learning small, and applying those learnt material to the market by making small investments. This way you can see both how the market works and the best strategies that are suitable for you!
I’d love to help out anyone who has any further questions.
Cheers, V

Hi everyone,
I have just started ForexTrading over a year now but still consider myself a newbie. I’d be happy to show you guys how I started my way up, the sources that I have used that were crucial to my success to this point. Over the year I have profited over $40k, by starting from making small investments and understanding how FxTrading really works.
For all those who are new, I recommend you begin by reading articles from sites and books that improve your understanding of the market. After gaining a strong base on the subject, you can apply your understandings through either a demo account or committing to the real market by making small investments to see if your knowledge and strategies are proper. DON’T lose hope when you do not do so well at the start, I believe it is better to fail when you begin and learn from your mistakes rather than succeed and not know how to improve your methods. I have read over 20 books so far on Forex Trading that have helped me understand the pathway to take. For all those that want to improve their knowledge-base I suggest:
“Currency Forecasting: A Guide to Fundamental and Technical Models of Exchange Rate Determination” - By Michael R. Rosenberg
For those with a little more experience I suggest reading:
“The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading: The Rules for Turning Trading Patterns Into Profit” - By Jared F. Martinez
And for those who consider themselves solid traders, the best book to build on your knowledge is:
“Trading With Intermarket Analysis, Enhanced Edition: A Visual Approach to Beating the Financial Markets Using Exchange-Traded Funds” - By John J. Murphy
I know a lot of sources that can guide individuals of different levels within the market. Let me know if you require additional guidance, I will be more than happy to help!
Cheers, V