Newbie Introduction

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kirsy and I’m from the UK. Forex is new to me, but is something I have been wanting to learn for a while and decided now I’m in my 40’s I better get on and start to learn, so here I am.
Am going to start the free course and take it from there.
I have many goals in mind for this journey but the first is to learn and make my first trade.

Hi :slight_smile: did you visit the education section? Regards Greg

Hi Kirsy! That’s a good start. Good luck on your forex journey! Just remember to be patient and consistent. :slight_smile:

Thank you - getting there slowly but surely

Yes I am working my way through it

good start :slight_smile:

Hi Kirsy. It’s never too late to start. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Hello, Babypips is a good start for learning. Keep going.

Hi Kirsy. Welcome to the community. You choose a right platform to begin with. Also, school of pipsology will be of great help to you. You can also register with few brokers and open a demo account with them in order to learn the practice meaning of trading terms.

Thank you - I am enjoying it so far - near ready to open some demo accounts

Thank you - I am enjoying it and taking lots of notes. Like the quiz sections as well so I know if I am actually retaining the information - so far so good

Thank you - I have been enjoying it so far. Brokers is
the next area I need to look at. Just so many out there