Newbie is here! Hi Everyone

Hi All,

very new to Forex, I feel like the new exchange student in grade school.
I’m 30+, I work a remote job 9-5, and came across Forex trading and thought it would be a good way to supplement my income (damn inflation).

I am trying to take in as much information as possible - YouTube videos, discord servers etc.
I find there is almost too much information - you cant decipher what is useful vs not after a while.

Glad I found this site - some of the intro guides already look like they could be helpful to me.

Figured I’d start off journey on the site by popping in here to say hello.


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Welcome to the forum!

O yeah, School of Pipsology is the place to be if you’re a newbie trying to learn the right way. take your time to finish the course while demo trading, It’ll do you great things.

Good Luck!

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[quote=“fxm3ta, post:1, topic:944843”]
…it would be a good way to supplement my income

  • or it could be a good way to supplement your expenditure - as it’s not a one way street. Best of luck.

True Say… need good Risk Management!