Newbie................. Kelvin from Kenya,

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie in Forex Trading. I would to know on how to set indicators and how to use MT4. Hopefully I’ll get the help and support from here…

Hi, check this my quick search here good luck Greg

Thank you, Let me go through it.

Hi Kelvin, welcome…

Hi too, thank you

Welcome to Babypips! I hope you find what you need. :wink:

Welcome Kelvin. I am also new to this forum, but I have already learned a lot from babypips educational page. I use Tenkofx mt4 account, live and demo. Both accounts allow micro lots to reduce risk as a beginner. Installing mt4 is easy. You could also learn from video tutorials ho to do many stuffs like set SL and TP.

Welcome to this community , have a good journey , hope you will enjoy everything with great learning.

your message about education or broker promotion , i sorry to fail understands . but sounds great that you finished the education level and now busy in trading live and demo. good luck , good going.

First of all, hello and welcome to Babypips!
Which indicators are you interested in?

Thanks, Am looking to know how to use it. And set indicators, hopefully anyone with a customized one?

I already had already installed the MT4

Kindly let me know the preferred one!!!

Hi Kelvin, welcome ! Check out my YouTube Channel, I made 1 min videos - they might help you ! Good luck !

Personally, I use Bollinger Bands, but every trader is different. What works for me may not be so suitable for you. My advice is to experiment.

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send me the link