Newbie looking to learn

Hey y’all, I’m KT & I’m looking to learn as much as can about forex to make money. Then hopefully makes this my main income

So you have a written timescale plan? I suggest you forget about making money until you learn speciaalist skills over months of hard work on this education site and practice on a demo account.

link to trading plan: TIPS On How To Create The PERFECT Forex Trading Plan - YouTube

Or you could just gamble and get lucky. Your choice.

I’d say you’re probably approaching this with entirely the wrong mindset - this is something that takes a LONG time to make your main source of income if Im honest.

Welcome! learn all you can then practice practice and more practice

It’s not impossible to make forex as your main income but for that you have to practise trading as much as you can to get all the experience. Good luck for reaching your trading dreams.