Newbie lost in modern land

Hi, I’m Floren and I’m new to this…I want to follow your step,I hope you guys can help me

If you feel you are lost in a new land, do not follow the other people who are also lost.

Most new traders start by day-trading. They also see uptrends as an opportunity to go short, and downtrends as an opportunity to go long. Do not do these things.

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Hi, I am Pwn. Welcome. The harsh truth is many retail traders are lost. They keep on believing that trading support/resistance, trend lines, double tops, etc. will make them profitable. This is far from the truth. It will most of the times just make you lose more.

I really advice you to focus on market maker trading. This is what made me profitable. So what does this strategy focus on?
It follows the big money that moves the financial market. This market is rigged and controlled by the banks ( market makers ).

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Hi and welcome :slight_smile: