Newbie:money on downside

Hi all,

I’m a newbie…just started trading recently…and well i havent made anything yet (well, i m made & lost). I have a question:

I’m looking to make some bucks on breakouts. Now looking at cable & eur/usd, i can see that they’re trading fairly on the high side. For eg: eur/usd is now trading at 1.3419/21 so am I right in thinking i’ll wait to check if it goes further up & when it touches double top it likely to crash downside to the next support at 1.315 or something…i mean in 3-5 days time

likewise for cable too.

is there any harm in going short in eur/usd now & leaving it untill say mid next week to make some cash of its way down?

I really need to make some bucks now…need to get my confidence back!