Newbie needs help with FXCM chart setup

I am a new FXCM customer, so far just doing sim trades but I do have a live account set up as well.

Is there a written tutorial on chart options anywhere? Videos are alright but can be frustrating trying to sift through them just to find one specific answer.

I am wanting to set up some chart shortcuts and have watched a video for that but when I try it about half of what I set up doesn’t work and the rest does.

I also have seen other traders charts set up to where if they are using multiple time frame charts (e.g. 24h, 60min and 15 min) and draw a horizontal line on the larger time frame it also appears at the same price on the other time frames as well. I do have all of my charts linked and have selected "extend line end " in options. I would like to set that up but can’t find the info on how to do it anywhere.

Any help greatly appreciated,

Hi John,

Please give me an example of a chart shortcut you tried setting up that didn’t work.

The “extend line end” option does not make your line appear on other charts. What it does is extend the drawing of the line to the right on the current chart. The “extend line start” option extends the drawing of the line to the left.

If you draw a line on a chart and then change time frames, the line will still appear on those other charts. Note that Y-axis scale for the price may increase or decrease in range to fit that chart data and this may cause your line to disappear from view if you zoom the chart in for a shorter time frame.

Hi Jason, thanks for the reply.

I set up ellipse as ctrl+shift+L and that works, rectangle as R and that works, fit entire chart as ctrl+0 works, text as T and line as L both work. For some reason trend by angle as ctrl+z and vertical line as ctrl+shift+v do not work.

I did catch on to the fact that lines only work within respective tabs and won’t transfer to other tabs. I also located an add-on indicator that I am trying out that will make the line appear on multiple tabs but now that I know that all I have to do is change the timeframe and it will work I may just do that.

It’s my pleasure, John :slight_smile:

The first thought that comes to my mind regarding your Ctrl+Z shortcut command is that Ctrl+Z is already used as a global shortcut command on many computers to undo an operation. That global shortcut setting may be overriding your custom shortcut setting and preventing it from working. Try using a different key combination for your shortcut command instead of Ctrl+Z. The same goes for Ctrl+Shift+V.