Newbie needs help with RVI, Bollinger, Fibonacci and USDJPY


Started with $250 bucks.
Lost $200.
Added $80.
All in one week.

Sitting at $90 bucks now with an order going that’s prolly going to end up costing me -50 bucks.

Tried short term trading in 1 to 5 min windows.
Switched to 15 to 30min windows (as of today).

[U]My METHOD for this week (plz correct):[/U]

The USDJPY has been trending upwards since 3/17 on H4 and D1 timeframes. US economic outlook looks good for the coming week. I suspect there will be SMALL gains in the dollar against the JPY since not that many economic news releases will be released this week. Right now, midnight EST, the USDJYP appears to be ranging and I reckon it’ll rise starting 8AM EST Monday.

So when to buy?

On the 15min and 30min timeframes should I buy when the RVI is showing bull activity and the current price of the USDJPY is about to cross the center bollinger line (not the ones on the outside)? Fibonacci doesn’t seem to show me much except where the support and resistance is. How do I read that better? What tips are there for the bollinger lines? If it’s below the center line you go short and sell and if it’s above the center line you go long and buy? How can I link this all together so that I can read the graphs better?

Do not take on the FED and BOJ at the same time…you will get slaughtered USD/JPY is not a good cross for a day trader…

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You also need to read up on your mon£y management as you’re definitely self destructing the account you’re using.