Newbie Questions - How to chose a forex broker?

I saw a lot of things in the BBP School about how brokers are but there was really a lot of information and when you enter a brokers page you can’t find all that information. I was wondering if you guys could tell me who are you working with or recommend me something good.

I was thinking about going with Alpari UK. What do you think about them? Also how do you guys pay your tax? I interested and in my country you have to pay 16% for the money you make on forex and I think that this is a very high level of taxation. I read more and found out that no broker will give information to the government about it’s users and their earnings or loses. I must say that I don’t live in US. Do you guys use any tax free countries to transfer your money to your account like Gibraltar or The Isle of Man?

I won’t comment on the tax thing because I’m not too sure of it yet and am still under a year of trading Live so I haven’t had to do any claiming yet.

Broker-wise, the best thing to do is know your trading style inside out and see if that works with the broker. You can just talk to their customer support chats and ask them questions like what their rules are about scalping, closing trades quick, spreads, etc.

Stick with brokers that have been around for a while. I trade with Oanda (which many recommend for beginners) and Interbank FX. I’m happy with both.

Hope that helps a bit.

I found a site searching for alpari and found a really interesting site: ECN brokers list | ECN/STP Forex brokers
I will review everything tomorrow and maybe change my decision because i really read some negative reviews about alpari…