NEWBIE- said hello

Hello y’all I’m new to the community, also I am new to forex trading. I jus wanted to say Hi to everyone, and I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

welcome to this community , good to see you . enjoy your stay

this place is good only for beginners trader. so welcome in there. happy trading

Welcome to the community! How is it going? Hope all is well. See you around and good luck on your forex journey!

i hope you will be benefited by this forum , just be active from psychology of school.

Welcome to the community, @RUDETRADER. Good luck on your fx trading journey. Hope to hear more from you.

Hey newbie, welcome to this amazing learning platform. Don’t wait for anyone to show you the right way. Build one yourself. You may be wrong sometimes but that’s how you will be accurate.

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Hey, welcome to the community! I hope you have a great trading career. Keep learning to keep getting better.

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Hello, thank you so much !

Thank you, may I ask how long you have been a member for?

Hello, it is going great for me, that you for asking. How is it going for you?

Cheers, for the advice really appreciated.

Hey, welcome to the community! Next weekend is about to come and I am planning to go through my trading journal to see what I need to improve. It’s important for every trader to know how he has been performing. As you are also going to start, make sure that you maintain yours too.

demo can be the best part to perform trading in a proper way , this is completely free and very supportive to acquire live experience.

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to babypips. You have chosen the perfect platform for learning. Keep learning and all the best for your forex trading journey.

Hello Newbie.

Have you been trading long?

Hi, welcome. Hope you make the best out of this place. If you have any doubts, let us know. Good day!

Hello. Welcome to the community. Babypips has all the good resources to learn about forex trading. The forum is helpful and informative as well. I hope you enjoy your stay here.