Newbie to forex trading

Hi everyone, I’m from Nigeria

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Welcome :slight_smile:

most welcome in this friend . have you finished any basic level of Forex trading ? if not , you can start with baby pips school.

Yes! Great place to learn. Also, don’t forget to start demo trading once you’ve got some idea.

Where do you take demo trading?

Hello, welcome to this forum. Just start with the learning part and then gradually, after you are done with the demo part, start to bring in some real cash in this asset. It’s not an easy journey but you’ll definitely be a pro if you don’t give up and learn to accept the mistakes.

Frankly speaking, I have already forgotten what emotions I felt when I first started, in fact, except for the excitement and huge desire to understand probably nothing happened, but it definitely brought its results and I became the one who takes the market seriously and believes that trading requires training and everyone should hope not for luck but for what he understands about the market and its laws. That’s why I’m always interested to see how beginners or those who have cardinally changed the trading direction make their first steps and how they grasp this real art. I sincerely wish you success and I am sure that here you will find people who will help and support you in any situation.

no way to deny the importance of learning , i admit really. but i have seen most of the time , learning is useless if you have not regular practice on trading.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hi there! I’m new on the forum as well, not new in forex though. Great place for exchange of experience.

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Welcome here! Looking forward to see your trading experience and your thoughts.

I’m also new. Can someone help me and give any advise in the general art of trading?

As traders, we all need a trading plan and it is important to stick to the plan in order to be successful. It is a very common mistake by a newbie to hold onto a losing trade. The thought of losing money is quite too much to bear, especially if things don’t go your way and your position is underwater.

Yes, you are a newbie, you can see some of my reviews here: In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade

this looks good any good ones there?

I am looking to test stratagyes?

Welcome, how long have you been trading?

Welcome. How is your learning going?

Welcome! How far have you got?