Newbie to forex world

Hi everyone , I got invited by my friend now I’m here. I joined because I also want to learn forex and be independent

most welcome in this community , have a very good journey . happy trading

finish the basic level of trading and trade in a practice account , this is the perfect combination for all beginners.

Welcome mate - lots of free content on here. Also check out YouTube.

Good luck.

Hi and welcome. How are things going for you? I hope you’re learning and enjoying your time here. Good luck on your trading journey!

Hi, it’s nice to see so many people joining! Looking forward to interacting and knowing more about you.

Welcome to the community, @notlanga. How has it been since you started? Hope you’re still at it.

Hello newbie, you have made a great choice of learning to trade forex. Just don’t forget that it’s not going to be an easy journey and to make the most of it, you will have to give your best. Keep learning and you can achieve your goal.

Welcome to the forum and you are at the perfect place for learning. You will get to learn a lot from here. All the best!

Hey, welcome to the world of forex trading. Babypips is the perfect place for beginners to start their learning journey