Newbie Trader tricks of the trade

Hi All, im New here, My name is Stanley.
I would love to learn from the ground up about Forex trading, to be able to build myself, my life and become a profitable trader.

Any tricks of the trade I can learn?

No tricks or shortcuts buddy. Just lots or learning, studying and time ahead of you.

Before starting I would personally recommend you to practice more and more on a demo account and study the market daily. And welcome to the community!

Hello and welcome Stanley! It’s going to be a long journey of learning and practice. Remember that there are no simple ways to make money in forex. Good luck!

Hello Stanley!
My best advice would be to stick with it - a lot of people introduce themselves on the forum and disappear. It’s a lot of work, but definitely makes a huge different in one’s life if you stick with it. I hope to see that you are one of the ones to stick around!