Newbie Trader with a background in law

I recently graduated from law school and have been learning forex since May. I started with IM academy but feel that babypips is a better fit for me. I prefer swing trades and I’m super excited to learn more. I’m currently working on being able to identify when a trend begins and ends.

My goals are to use the profits from trading to invest in real estate and be financially free. I have a young toddler and I would love to spend more time with them.

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While your goals are understandable, actually achieving them will be like climbing Mount Everest with a backpack on your shoulders in a snow storm. That’s the long term reality, not social media fictitious marketing hype.

As for trends identification, just look at any candle chart, preferably above the 1hr chart. See where the candles are coming and going. Try and anticipate where they are heading.

Best of luck.

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I appreciate your honesty. The IM academy and my leader pushed high daily goals so I’m still learning. Would it be realistic to aim for 7% weekly profits? My team used to push 5% daily goals which is insane.

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Don’t want to be rude but IM is a piece of s**t. You can do even 20% weekly but you must be an experienced trader and take a high risk. For a newbie, you need to control your emotions first and you need to trust your strategy. Once you fully understand your strategy your psychology will be so much better. Why? Because you know understand the logic of what you are doing, of what you need to enter in that specific point, etc… that will make you to execute emotionless because you have tested your strategy so many times that you know when it can not be working and when it can.

That’s my advice :slight_smile:

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this is just the beggin of your journey, don’t commit the same mistakes of everyone, study alot, don’t pretend you will withdrawn any money here in less than a year or two, think about building your carrer in a long term and good luck !

I agree about IM academy completely. I learned a few things but overall it is crap and they sell nothing but lies.

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As others have said, IMO, a 7% weekly profit cannot be achieved consistently without risking your capital. My hedge-fund pro friend only aims for a consistent 1.5% a MONTH, but that’s because he manages a capital size approaching billions.

The issue, as I see it, is because most new traders - and also others only have a small account size, and in order to make any realistic profit that would pay for all their monthly expenses, they would need to gamble, overtrade, and hope they get lucky.

As for IM, and similar academies, if they were that good, they would be trading themselves instead of trying to make easy money from their clients. Which all boils down to the fact there is no short cut to success.

Take care.

Perhaps I’m reading into this wrong. You recently graduated from law school (which is quite a big deal), and now you’re banking on forex to invest in real estate?

Why not focus on law?

Nope! You read it right! I was interested in a career in law before I had kids. Now that I have my son, my career aspirations have changed. I no longer enjoy the field because the work/life balance is horrible. I’ve always aspired to be a real estate investor because that means complete control over my time and being my own boss. I’m definitely going to be a lawyer until it makes sense not to. I enjoy forex trading and I hope to be profitable and use the proceeds to further my investing goals.

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I hear ya buddy! Study hard!

Good call! I agree, Babypips is much better. best free course out there IMO

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