Newbie Tradingview User, Baffled About Something

The answer is simple I know, but it’s late here, my brain is foggy and I’m baffled. Normally, I chart on TV and place orders on MT5. Today I placed my first trade on TV platform. Pretty neat. However!..
I noticed when I closed my order (no I didn’t wait for TP for good reason) several sell and buy alerts popped up for the same pair!?! I panicked a bit, and though for a moment I placed multiple buy and sell orders for the one trade. But I didn’t. I looked at my panel, and scrolled though my account and saw the multiple buy and sell closed orders for the same pair. I’m confused. Is there a glitch in my account or is this normal and why the multiple alerts for the same pair? I’ve tried to make sense of what they mean, but I can’t make sense of it. Who’s a TV pro here that can enlighten me please?

Did you have TPs and SLs set? Have a look in the transaction history section under your “broker name”. You’ll see a column names Transaction Type, and you can see all the stuff that happens when you open, change or close a trade.

Pictures probably help.

Trading account section, I’m using Oanda

Once you click on your broker, you should see this section.

Check out the Transaction History.

Do you trade exclusively using TV now?

Yea, but I want try MT4 out. I’ll try to get that set up this week.

Is it because TV isn’t as great?

No, it’s great. I want to compare running a specific strategy with certain indicators and alerts on MT4 to TV. See how close the signals are and how the alerts go off, or don’t.

Hi, thank you! Yes I had TP and SL set. I’m thinking maybe because the trade was active on multiple platforms it showed the positions on both Tradingview and also my Ctrader…It wasn’t MT5.

The log only brings up three transactions…but on the screen, when I closed the trade it was double that alerts popped up. The log here show, postions for market, limit etc. But why? I didn’t place any limit orders?

May well do. I like it. I’m also using CTrader also, getting the hang of that, Ctrader is so much better than MT5.

How about the History tab? I forgot to mention I’m running the standalone windows app, not the browser TV website.

The history only shows the single transaction, but why did multiple alerts pop up when closed the trade? Also, the cancelled tab is showing the other two alerts, one with a limit price filled and the other with a stop price filled. The quantity is zero, so that’s correct but I’m confused as to why they appear in the first place?

Well, the opposite of your original order takes place when you close. So if you entered long, you’ll have a sell order when you close. And look up at your notification log. Your TP order shows “(limit)” and your SL order shows “(stop)”.

But if you’re seeing double, that’s weird for sure. Maybe try another trade with not SL or TP, just to test.

I’ll figure it out. Thank you so much for your replies.

These are the alerts I’m talking about, but I think I understand why their are alerts for positions closed now. Initially I couldn’t understand why I needed to be alerted for all of those. I understand I’m selling contracts as to why there is a “sell” order.

Yup, your market order was placed (first notification), but it’s not guaranteed at the price. So when it’s actually filled/executed, which is usually like right then and there as long as the markets aren’t moving super crazy and somebody is doing the opposite trade of you/offering that price you want, the price gets filled (second notification). And then your SL and TP are canceled. Sounds about right.

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These notifications can be very annoying. You can turn them off through your settings:

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Check out the Executions labels. Cool on lower TFs, but if you’re scalping and then you look at the D1 or 4hr, red and blue arrows everywhere! I just turn them off too!