Newbie trying to learn

Yoo, my name is junior im from South Africa, male
I wanna learn how to trade because everyone around trades and I feel left out so I’m willing to put my time and effort in so I can learn how to trade.:grinning:

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Welcome junior! You are at the right place to learn and share with other people.

this is really a good education forum from all we have in online . i hope you will be more knowledgeable from there . have a very good journey

learn from the psychology of school , this is the best forum we have in online , be active on there and be knowledgeable from there.

hi and welcome

school is important who can deny ? but only one time is not enough to finish this school level , this is my personal experience .

Ooooh. Haha. So trading is really very big around South Africa? :blush: Do you know a lot of people who are also profitable and successful at it? :smiley:

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Where? Who? In your family?

Welcome to the community, Junior. Check out the education section here if you haven’t done that yet. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Welcome Junior! I hope you’re enjoying your new journey! We will be looking forward to your progress!