Hi! all

Love the website. I am Niro from Australia. I have started trading since May this year. I have done a trading course back in May. Only learned the basics just spending $5000. I have a small live account and try to trade with the systems they provide and also trade feed that I get from them when made me lose money. It is a hard when you don’t have good knowledge.

Hope to hear from you all.

Hey snfer I am new as well. This website does have a lot material which will help you to broaden your knowledge(forums, school, news etc) Do you understand the systems you are trading(the ones they taught you in the course)? Not the best idea to trade other peoples system if you don’t understand exactly how they work. Best bet would be to not do any trading with your live account until you can get a better understanding of what you are trading and how it works.

I have gone through the systems they had and I do understand them better than before but it is really hard to use their methods. One thing is when I signed up for the course it sound like it will cover a lot of info but I found out that this is just a basic course while I am doing the course. They even did a sales pitch for their advance course asking $19000.00 for it. Well I do not have that kind of money to spend.

One of their trading system is a End of Day trading which I can’t do because I am at work. Then the intraday systems they have do not work that well. So I am on this site to find out what I can do for trading. I am pretty much at home when the London opens and will be available for trading until 2 hours pass New York opening.

Any help and suggestions of systems that I can have a look would be great…! Thanking in advance