Hello All,

My name is George. I am from Florida but I currently live in Taiwan. I am currently a teacher here and I am hoping to start using some of my income trading to trade on the Forex. I think this is a great time to invest and I am eager to start.

Hi george,

Welcome to the forum! Good luck on your journey :slight_smile:

Hello, George!
I’m interested if there are any FOREX brokers in China.

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Hi and welcome to Babypips.

Strongly suggest you spend some time learning the basics at the free pipschool right here, keep reading the various threads to get an idea of the issues and resolutions FX will bring up.

Avoid mentors for now and keep an eye out for the scammers who chase after newbies offering the earth, better spending your time getting the basics right in your mind so you are better informed for when you need to make decisions alone.