Newbs INTP starting my trading journey

Heyaa my fellow newbies !

I’m Parallele.Piped, (Just chose this username lmao). I’m here to present myself and hope to connect with like-minded people going through the same journey with which I could share and grow with. So let’s goooooo !

To make it short, I’m a 24 year old INTP guy, a global citizen.

For those interested in the long version, let’s start with who I am and where I come from.
I’m a french born asian that grew up in the suburb of Paris in a medium class family. I studied business administration for 5 years straight to please my parents and got my master’s degree last year.
I had the chance to go try out many internships and jobs that I did not enjoy at all, and concluded that traditional jobs are not for me, (The french educational system unfortunately failed to brainwash me :rofl:).
Also during that time I had a 4 years relationship that ended up really badly which lead to my first waking up. Then I went to travel the world as an exchange student and learned english in 4 months (Nobody can tell that I’m french). I’ve travelled to around 20-ish countries within 2 years and lived in Hong Kong for 1 year under minimum wage.
By the time I graduated I reached another level of awareness and decided to not work at all because I don’t need anything material except food and my time is too precious, money today != money tomorrow. and Knowledge today = Knowledge tomorrow. So I took a year to educate myself and find what i really wanted to do with my life, tried a bunch of things, I came to the conclusion that :

My biggest passion is traveling
My 2nd biggest passion is music even tho I barely started learning piano and guitar.
I paint crazily good and love painting but I rather become a music producer because music is the key to the universe (vibration) and also the universal language, not only between humans but also all forms of life.

But wait what’s the relationship with trading ?
Well I need something to support my goals financially. I could have started any online businesses but I believe trading is a safest and more rewarding path. Also because it kinda is a real life video game which I’m really good at (League of Legends TFT diamond player). Especially when you start with a 10K headstart and a safenet, you just can’t shoot a ball into your foot.

Where am I at with trading right now ?
I started learning about trading 2 weeks ago, but i’m learning crazily fast, so pretend I’ve been in for 6months - 1 year. I proceeded by elimination and got rid of the stock market. Then I really wanted to go into the crypto world and trade crypto futures, which I did. I tried all the existing platforms and did not find any that could work for me, the closest i found are phmex (Not enough volume) and Bitmex (too laggy, most of the orders don’t go through). So the market is clearly not ready yet. maybe in a couple years.
So now I made my choice and I chose to go with scalping strategy and throw in a couple safe swings into the forex market. I chose my platform which is XTB because xStation 5 is really scalping friendly. I now need to learn more about technical analysis, test strategies and practice.

So If anybody want to be friend with me, come and reach out to me don’t be shy ! :smiley:
Otherwise, you can just come by and say hello :wink:

Hi, scalping strategy is very sensitive to market changes, welcome and good luck :slight_smile: Regards Greg

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Hi, Thank you Greg !
Don’t know if it’s positive or negative but I like the style so far :smiley:

Cheers :wink:

Trading can be rewarding, yes, but don’t get cocky because these markets will chew you up and spit you out, there is no mercy and you can and probably will lose real money, and lots of it. You have to treat this more like a business, not a game.

Focus on building a strategy and less on making money for the first year, then once things start to come together, the money will come naturally. Like a good baseball player, you have to learn to hit the ball before you can get on base.

Good luck.

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Hi Matty,

Thank you for checking up on me. (Sorry if I did sounded cocky, I’m more than humble in real life.)
I agree that nothing can beat the market, We can just play along. :slight_smile:
Of course, I will treat trading as something really serious. (I did an analogy with games because I actually play like if my life depends on it). I won’t put in any money that i’m not really to sacrifice (I know we need to give in at first), probably starting with a 50 just to feel the market and paper trade until I’m ready.

Thank you for your advice I really appreciate !

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Great then you’re off to a good start.

The best learning tool is experience. This is just as true in trading as it is in anything else you will do in life. If you are going to open a live account with $50 then treat it like $50,000 and never risk more than 1% of your balance per trade as a beginner. Once you have a proven strategy that is working for you then you can slowly increase that if you choose to.

Keep your positions small so that you can keep your stop losses wide…and have patience. This can be the difference between a losing trade and a winning trade.

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Sounds great !
I will keep those advices in a corner of my mind for sure.
Are you part of a trading community ?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Nope, just this one.

Who is INTP? I’ve never heard of them.

Fair enough, I guess it’s an awesome community

It has nothing to do with trading but personalities.
Let’s say it’s a shortcut for those who knows about MBTI to quickly understand the basics personality traits of somebody.

Here’s a link that explain MBTI® Basics - The Myers & Briggs Foundation

And here’s a link that explain what an INTP is : Introduction | Logician (INTP) Personality | 16Personalities

Just to clarify, anybody is unique and there is no such thing as 16 defined personalities. But you can surely say if someone is introverted or extraverted for example and understand their behavior based on those facts only. You can therefore know a person like if you had talked to them for about 100 hours just by analyzing their basics behaviors and making a link with the MBTI system. You can also pre-guess someone just by knowing their 4 letters, it’s like a way to introduce yourself quickly.

Oh and if you take the MBTI test and get as result INTJ, it means that you are predisposed to succeed in trading. If you get something like xSFP, it’s going to be really tough, but everything is possible.

Getting good at anything is also about knowing yourself very well, so you can work on your flaws using your strengths, applicable in FX Trading for sure :smiley:.

Ah cool. Best of luck.

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i wrote some thing like this in February check some awesome advice i got…look at market structure on youtube >20 min videos.

Hey Chancy,

I found the post you were talking about, it’s quite interesting indeed !
How is your journey so far ?

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