Newbue here looking for some advice

Hello babypips community and thank you for giving some of your time to help newcomers like me into this forex trading community I was into the trading business since I was in my senior college year unfortunately I didn’t have enough capital now that im on the clear financially I thought of ways to invest money and I think one of the best ones is forex trading I am a mathematician btw so I was wondering if this is going to help in this business and what would you advice someone who doesn’t know anything about the system in general.
Thank you again for giving this opportunity

I believe as a beginner the best thing you can do is Graduate from School of Pipsology (Learn Forex Trading at School of Pipsology - If you go through the complete course (It’s a lot but it’s definitely worth it) you’ll learn basics of everything related to trading.

The next step is trading with a demo account at least a month before you even think of using real money and continue learning from various sources any YouTube video you can find, website you can find, E-book you can find, there will be something to take from everything.

When you are confident enough (and I mean really confident) then it’s the time for investing real money. Not a moment before that.

Hope this helps.

Wish you success!!!

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Yes having a mathematical mind will help but you need to build experience and trust the process. You will get there if you put the time and effort in. Just be patient and learn all you can

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Make a good plan. And trade with your own knowledge. Don’t follow others.

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Every newbie should practice on a demo account before starting real account.

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I believe so. But it’ll be a whole different story when you’ll have to trade with tools and instruments.