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Thank you for what seems a very nice forum, and for allowing me access.
When I first saw the forum I was attracted to join as the result of a post I read from one of your members asking about Forex Ambush 2.0.
I have (BAD) experience with the system. Do your self a favour and stay away, it is not worth 1 dollar! It is a total scam! At this stage let me say that it is easy to advetise a 100% profit rate if you do not use a stop loss. The trades which do not go in the forecast direction simply stay open and do not show a loss. The products questionable ability is quite apart from the fact that there is no email suport - 12 or so emails later and still waiting for the courtesy of a reply. The live chat facility is operated by someone who needs to upgrade his/her English language ability to enable them to supply support, they do not seem to comprehend. At this time if they do not understand you they simply say “thank you for contacting us.” - and close off the chat facility. Bloody disgusting to say the least.
Keep your eye open for a scaalping EA called Xtreme. I have used it reasonably successfully. I have asked them to make an adjustment. This should be good in the near future.


First, welcome on the forum PipsSenior!

Second, what’s so great about this particular EA? What’s making it differents from all the other EA?


I assume you are referring to Xtreme. I did not say it is great, i am sure there must be others which may well be better… what I do say is that it makes a profit which is in relation to the number of lots traded.
I have referred it back to the coding guys as I, and this is only my humble opinion, just me personally, would like the stop loss to be a variable set by the trader, not a fait-a-complete from within the coding of the EA. Their reply to me was that they are already working on it. As it is currently the EA will give 10 or more profitable trades in a row, and with one bad trade wipe out all the profits. The draw down is too great. the profitable trades I have made, using this EA do not have a deep draw down, so the profitability of the EA should not be materially effected. The money I made using it was done by sitting at the computer and keeping an eye on the trades it initiated. When it has been repaired I shall take it to my live account.
Trust this explains all you need.
Good luck trading.

New to the forum and saw some of your replys on forex ambush, I can see why some people would be at a loss trading this system because if your not in time for the signal then you could miss it or enter at the wrong time. I became a member of the forex ambush and so far the trades have been correct, however not every time was I there to trade them or was a few min off. I know they now have a autotrade setup but only works with one broker and one special software. Since I also program code for metatrader I decided that I would write a plug in for ambush and did it with success now my meta trader auto trades the forex ambush signal checks the email almost every 30 secs with the ability to define stop loss, take profit trailing stops etc. etc. So its not for the faint of heart must have a pretty kicking network to support the massive pop logins every 30 sec but at least I dont miss them anymore and have some sort of failsafe for it now. Anyone can PM me if you have questions. Good luck on however you get your pips.

Thank you for the reply. I truly appreciate the effort on your behalf. To find someone who knows the program is not easy
I am also new on this forum, and came with specific resolve to find help on ambush.
You are fotunate in that you write code. Is it not possible to write a bit of code that tells me when they send a signal? ie some form of noisey sound?
I have not had a signal since last week Monday I think it is. Have you?
Do you not think that the draw downs are large for the 20 pip profit they seek.
After all if they work without stop loss, any one can let a trade run till one day it makes a profit. That is perhaps overstated, but a draw down of 300 pips wipes out a $3000 account.
Are you able to communicate with them?
Thank you.

One more question please… how deos one know that the 5pip trailin stop is working… there seems to be no visible aid for this.
Thank you


Yes it is possible to send a alert instead of open a trade with the same code I use to monitor the emails they send, I did have a page recently on Wed, Apr 15, 2009 and again it instantly hit its mark. I really think what you are doing wrong is not having the trailing stops loaded it does not always go down 20 pips on a page instantly however the plug in they provide for metatrader trailing stop is a bit flawed in that it wont even open a trade if other trades are open at the time. Hence you dont have a trailing stop then. And that is what wipes out an account fast. Ive not had any drawdown on any of the pages they have send me for 2 months it always has moved in the direction buy at least 5 pips by the time of page not saying that drawdown will not happen because one of these days im sure it has to. Like you im not using a huge account to trade this with and not getting to greedy with it is key I only trade lots of 0.35c max and set a stoploss on all trades if it dont hit within 30 pips then I dont think I should let it ride. And the pages they send is very seldom wish it was more but my guess is that it waits for just the right time, and that is seldom for any system in forex as it is slow moving to begin with lately.

PS One more thing, TIMING on this page is everything! if you are even 60 secs off from a page you may be to late to trade it. by the time you get the email 2 mins may have went by depending on your email servers loads and theirs…

Please let me repeat what I understand from your reply.
The chart on which the Ambush runs must not have another active trade in progress… right?
When you say they sent you a [B]page[/B]… what is it they send you… the last signal received was 15th April… is that the same with you?
I have the trailing stop loaded. I understand quite nicely how to load an expert Advisor. When I drag it onto the chart and I click the EA button to make it go green the trailing stop is active … right? My question is how can I see that it is active? I do tick my input pop up menu to make it active. My account is very small 1 pip = 1 dollar, I can ofcourse use more than 1 lot.
If I use 5 lots than it would be 5 dollars for 1 pip.
Please tell me… how will I know that they have sent me a signal… is there any way to know, I can not go to my email every 30 seconds…what is the solution please?
I look forward to your reply, and thank you for your help.

Wrong any trade that is open will effect the EA they gave you to attach to meta trader charts with the trailing stop does not matter what chart you have it attached to the code is flawed it can even effect all your open orders as it has no magic number and if there is more than 1 trade anywhere active its not going to work. I call it page but signal is right… I have it sending an email and have the 2nd email going to my mobile phone SMS and since i always have my cell phone that works best. Now its just there for information since the autoscript checks my email for a signal and doesnt care how many trades are open in the background. I am putting together the code and will be releasing it to others after I get the documentation done.

This does make trading very difficult… I trade for a living, so what happens when I am in one or two trades when the signal arrives… I shall have to trade it manually and put stops etc. Can not use the trailing stop EA if it interferes with rolling trades. That is all they sent me,… an EA that applies the trailing stop, which must be applied to the trade manually executed.
I am anxiously waiting for the coding to rectify this situation.
thank you again
East london
South Africa

Just a update got a signal last night from ambush and again its 100% correct. I have a script I made that will auto trade forex ambush signals from metatrader platforms automatically if anyone needs a copy pm me for details. Thanks

Regretably i do not know how to cotact you by pm where is the faci;ity that allows me to do this please?

I also have a small coding task please contact me privately.

hansm1 at sainet dot co dot za

thank you


How much % GAIN we can expect from forex ambush per month.

I am using megadroid now

Can u suggest me any other robots which works fine

Thank u