Newest kid on the block

HI guys

I’m new to piping, currently trading a demo account and attending pip school in a bid to get a top notch education on how to keep and hopefully grow a real account.

I’m a data architect by day and aspiring forex trader any time I’m not at work. Advice from your experience, opinions and guidance, as long its constructive and gonna get me into profit, is welcomed :slight_smile:

I’m not scared of learning or self serve development, so feel free to point to a resource that might help me on my journey

Looking forward to learning and sharing profit making secrets


Hi Skuz, and welcome to the forum. :cool:

I’m guessing the piping must be connected with your being an architect, but I confess I don’t actually know what a data architect is, so I’m not very well placed to comment, really … :8:

That part I understand, and recommend. :slight_smile:

This is how I learned more;

These are the common mistakes to avoid;

And These are the resources that helped me most.

Good luck!