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I am trying to write an indicator/script that displays the economic news calendar for the week. I am just about to decide the source from which to download the news data and wanted to ask your opinion:

Which of the following do you think is better for their economic news updates between:

DailyFx and



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FF’s is pretty good. :slight_smile:

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Of the two Forex Factory. Is there any way you can pull from

Seems this old post has found new life. @cashisking86 i’m not sure if you can pull form, but I will have a look.

As per the original post the Expert that was created gets its news data from Forex Factory and displays it on your chart as arrows. The arrows are drawn on different parts of the chart to correspond to the time of the new release, either future news or historic news.

You can set the EA to display Low, Medium and/or High Impact news. With different colours arrows that correspond to each type.

If you hover over an arrow it will reveal further information about the relevant news item:

  • The Currency: e.g. GBPUSD might have a news item on USD
  • Time of the announcement
  • Countdown’: number of bars until the announcement or since the announcement for historic news.
  • Description of the event e.g. Non-farm payroll

When the expert is removed the arrows will be deleted from the chart.


You need to first enable the download of news data from forex factory for the EA to work. You can do this by:

Tools >> Options >> [tick] “Allow Webrequest for listed URL” >> [paste]

Here is the Expert:
Calendar This (5.0 KB)

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Out of the two, go for forex factory.

I’ll check it out! Reason I suggested is that I’m sure I used another EA that tried to pull news from FF and while a good calendar for some reason it didn’t pull through or there were some high impact news events on FF listed as yellow rather than red. Might have been a coding issue to be honest I’m not sure.

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ForexFactory is what I’d recommend.

It’s really difficult to choose from either of these two since information on both the portals can be different and can have a diversified loyal audience. I’d say you gather information from both and see for yourself which amongst these two suits your interest the most.

It’s a good habit to keep an eye on the latest news. But that should not be the only thing that should affect your trading decisions.