News Filter EA (Coding Help)


I paid $30 to a freelancer on Telegram to build a news filter for me. They have delivered the product, but it is not working as I expected. The freelancer is no longer replying.

Logical Conditions:

Before X minutes from news, string News_Trade_Status = “Paused”;
X minutes after news, string News_Trade_Status = “Paused”;

Current Error with Code:

While setting up an EA, it checks logical conditions and based on that, it sets values to News_Trade_Status (Active or Paused). However, after the setup, it does not repeat the condition check whenever news comes.

I have attached my EA. I request your help to get it fixed, as I have no more budget to hire another person for this task.

newsfilter.rar (5.5 KB)

You might be hiring someone to re-invent the wheel. A quick search shows a news filter indicator on forexfactory.

Looking at your code, there may be an issue retrieving xml data from a non-secure url that’s hardcoded into the EA

I’m still getting my bearings with the mql language and syntax, but from my experience coding web applications attempting to access cross site data without a secure ‘https’ connection can sometimes cause issues.