News Filter EA Coding


Can anyone Help me code News filter EA?

input bool               NEWS_FILTER               =true;
input bool               NEWS_IMPOTANCE_LOW        =false;
input bool               NEWS_IMPOTANCE_MEDIUM     =false;
input bool               NEWS_IMPOTANCE_HIGH       =true;
input int                STOP_BEFORE_NEWS          =30;
input int                START_AFTER_NEWS          =30;
input string             Currencies_Check          ="USD,EUR,CAD,AUD,NZD,GBP";
input bool               Check_Specific_News       =false;
input string             Specific_News_Text        ="employment";
  1. Fetch the news information from some free website (Like ForexFactory, dailyfx, babypips, etc)
  2. Stop execution of if statement if (Trademode) before 12 hours of news with high impact or 3 star. Start back execution of if statement if (Trademode) after 6 hours of High Impact news or 3 star